U.S. Military Vets MC

Welcome to the U.S. Military Vets MC, National Chapter.

The U.S. Military Vets MC was established in 1987 , in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is incorporated as a non-profit organization. The club is a national organization. We Welcome all Veterans, active duty and honorably discharged. This includes all branches of service and all eras, peacetime and wartime.

Objective #1

To provide a club for qualified male military veterans which offers brotherhood and an opportunity to establish relationships with other military veterans who have served in the defense of the United States of America.

Objective #2

To establish and support a strong sense of pride in having served in the active military service of the United States of America.

Objective #3

To improve the image of military veterans and bikers to the general public.

Membership Requirements

1. Males having a DD Form 214 and have served 181 days or more in an active duty status. (Reserve and National Guard members can count active duty for training and “summer camps” ). Have full rights to veterans benefits and have received an Honorable Discharge from the United States military or be currently on active duty for a period greater than 181 days, or currently in the National Guard or Reserves.

2. Have a Valid Motorcycle Operators’ License

3. Pay monthly Dues.

4. Active participation in the club.

5. Have a 750 cc motorcycle or larger.

Contact us

State you live in our the state you want to contact.

Chapter 100

Bob Osta Navy Jan-90 FL 1
Pappa San Army Jun-05 FL 1
Pete Marines 98/99 FL 1
Caz Army Mar-00 FL 6
Jinx Marines May-00 PA 1
Redial Navy Jun-00 FL 1
Tiny Marines Sep-01 MD 3
Dice Navy Dec-01 NY 1
Drifter Air Force Dec-01 GA 3
Spook Air Force Jan-02 FL 12
Katman Marines Apr-02 PA 1
Dragline Army 2003 FL 10
Gambler Marines Jul-03 VA 2
Fat Jack Army Jan-14 MA 1
Bear Army Oct-03 FL 5
Tom T Navy Mar-04 FL 8
Punch Air Force Apr-04 FL 13
Hey Load Air Force Jun-04 FL 6
Wordsmith Army Jul-04 GA 1
Psyco Air Force Aug-04 FL 5
D Air Force Oct-04 GA 1
Trapper Navy Nov-04 FL 5
DJ Marines Feb-05 PA 1
Trac Marines Jan-05 FL 14
JR Army Feb-05 FL 5
Geezer Navy May-05 NY 1
Goat Navy Oct-05 MD 3
Hammer Marines Jun-05 MI 1
Moses Marines Apr-06 FL 6
Medic Air Force May-06 FL 13
Scout Marines May-06 Fl 13
Kent Army May-06 FL 6
Road Runner Support Aug-06 FL 6
Slick Air Force Sep-06 FL 5
Musicman Army Sep-06 FL 3
Chaos Air Force Dec-06 OH 2
Sarge Air Force Jan-07 FL 14
Diver Army Feb-07 Nat
JAFO Air Force Sep-06 GA 3
Big Ed Air Force Oct-06 FL 2
Old Hippie Navy May-07 FL 5
Smasher Support May-07 FL 5
Lucky Air Force Jun-07 OK 1
Chaseman Army Aug-07 FL 6
Smuggler Army Aug-07 FL 6
Mobi Army Dec-07 FL 13
Cyclops Army Jan-08 FL 13
Bones Navy May-08 VA 5
Willie Bill Navy May-08 OK 1
Bean Counter Coast Guard Aug-08 FL 11
Navaho Army Nov-08 Ex Nat P
JR Support Jan-09 FL 2
B Man Navy Jan-09 NY 2
Rebel Army Mar-09 FL 6
Moby Navy Jun-09 FL 13
Slo-Rider Support Aug-09 FL 16
Wrench Army Nov-09 GA 4
Shooter Army Nov-09 PA 3
Diggy Navy Dec-09 WV 2
Cherokee Air Force Dec-09 WI 2
Bikaman Coast Guard Dec-09 FL 13
D-Day Navy Mar-10 FL 18
Handlebar Support May-10 FL 2
Quickdraw Army Jun-10 FL 1
Sailor Navy Aug-10 FL 14
Hook Army Sep-10 FL 6
Bookie Army Oct-10 GA 2
Tank Army Nov-10 GA 7
Starman Army Jan-11 WI 1
Grouch Army May-11 OH 3
Push Start Navy May-11 TN 2
Road Dog Army May-11 OH 1
Reload Army May-11 FL 2
Irish Navy Jun-11 WV 2
Bandit Army Jun-11 MD 5
Pockets Army Aug-11 IN 6
Iceman Air Force Oct-11 FL 4
Bashful Air Force Dec-11 FL 15
Smitty Army Dec-11 MD 3
Fallout Navy Jan-12 GA 7
Navajo Marines Apr-12 FL 2
Gunz Marines Jun-12 AL 3
Clank Marines Jul-12 NJ 1
Cavey Army Jan-13 MD 2
Boomerang Navy Jan-13 TN 2
Wood Army Apr-13 ND 1
Breakdown Marines May-13 FL St N
Ballou Army Jun-13 NC 1
Cowboy Army Aug-13 FL 8
Yogi Army Sep-13 GA 2
Gerber Air Force Sep-13 PA 3
Mustang Army Dec-13 WV 2
Deadeye Navy Jan-14 MD 1
Free Bird Army Mar-14 FL 6
Cobra Army Mar-14 FL 4
T-Rex Army Mar-14 TN 1
Spyder Army Apr-14 TX 3
Hipshot Army Jun-14 FL 12
Frenchie Navy Jul-14 FL 14
Wolf Army Jul-15 NJ 1
Baker Navy Oct-14 NY 3
Chainbreaker Marines Nov-14 FL 12
AWOL Army Dec-14 WV 2
Easy Army Dec-14 GA 5
Joey D Army Jan-15 FL 12
Pappy Army Jan-15 VA 8
Dragon Navy Feb-15 FL 9
Shadow Army Mar-15 AL 1
Joker Navy Mar-15 GA 8
Gambler Navy Apr-15 MD 6
Swoop Navy Apr-15 FL 16
Pete Air Force Apr-15 FL 14
Pappy Coast Guard May-15 PA 1
Cub Army Jun-15 GA 2
Magoo Army Sep-15 NH 1
Iceman Navy Oct-15 FL 8
Zipper Marines Oct-15 SC 3
Spider Air Force Feb-21 NY 3
Lloyd Army Apr-16 SD 2
Pax-Son Air Force Apr-16 TX 3
AH Navy Apr-16 GA 7
Tankgun Army Apr-17 VA 6
Lawyer Navy Jun-17 NJ 1
Trooper Army Aug-16 NY 1
Kamikaze Marines Aug-16 PA 5
Ham Army Oct-16 WV 3
Yaeatyet Army Oct-16 MD 6
Boots Navy Nov-16 LA 1
Kickstand Air Force Dec-16 MI 2
Polecat Army Dec-16 FL 13
Wolf Army Dec-16 FL 17
Joker Army Dec-16 DE 1
Skip Army Jan-17 GA 8
Egg Navy Feb-17 VA 1
Wolf Army Mar-17 FL 21
Saw-B Army Mar-17 GA 7
Whitey Navy Apr-17 FLA 11
Flip Army Aug-17 IN 9
Spurrz Army Aug-17 IN 5
Muddy Coast Guard Dec-17 GA 9
Smiley Marines Dec-17 FLA 14
Six Marines Jan-18 GA 5
Pappy Air Force Mar-18 PA 2
Coke Army May-18 OH 4
Case Marines May-18 NJ 1
Farmer Navy May-18 WV 3
Sparks Navy Jun-18 FLA 13
Yak Air Force Jul-18 LA 1
Roadblock Marines Sep-18 FLA 9
Thumper Army Oct-18 GA 2
Woody Air Force Oct-18 TN 1 HD
Air Force Dec-18 FLA 11
Koko Air Force Feb-19 FLA 14
Country Navy Jun-19 GA 7
Scribbles Marines Jul-19 NH 1
Blu Navy Oct-19 PA 4
Klaw Army Oct-19 TX 6
Sniper Navy Oct-19 VA 2
Too Easy Army Nov-19
Lockjaw Air Force Nov-19 FLA 5
Rooster Marines Nov-19 OH 2
Skywalker Navy Nov-19 FLA 4
Python Navy Mar-20 VA 8
Rat Navy Mar-20 FLA 1
Trouble Army Mar-20 IN 2
Crash Air Force Apr-20 MD 3
Juice Marines Apr-20 FLA 8
Fuzzy Navy Jul-20 PA 2
Bullfrog Army Jul-20 AZ 2
Swag Army Aug-20 NC 1
Spit Shine Marines Sep-20 FLA 12
Wrench Army Sep-20 NJ 1
Cowboy Army Sep-20 SC 4
Sneakers Navy Oct-20 SC 4
Fenway Army Oct-20 TN 3
Griff Army Oct-20 WI 1
Finn Navy Oct-20 PA 7
Mizzou Army Nov-20 AZ 1
Hacksaw Navy Nov-20 NY 3
Whiskey Jim Navy Dec-20 OH 2
Bubba Air Force Dec-20 MD 3
Shine Air Force Dec-20 NY 3
Mumbles Army Dec-20 FLA 14
DB Navy Jan-21 FLA 17
Doobie Army Feb-21 FLA 6
Hooker Army Mar-21 OH 4
Maverick Marines Mar-21 FLA 14
Iron Balls Navy Mar-21 FLA 12
Rocky Army Apr-21 TN 3
Shadow Air Force May-21 FLA 14
Gumper Army May-21 IN 7
Ski Army May-21 FLA 4
Eager Air Force Jun-21 GA 1
Thunder Army Jul-21 FLA 6
T-Bone Air Force Aug-21 FLA 4
Thong Army/Navy Aug-21 MD 6
Ol Coot Air Force Aug-21 FLA 8
Bones Army Sep-21 SC 1
Grande Marines Sep-21 TN 8
B.A.N. Air Force Oct-21 WI 3
Macaw Navy Oct-21 FLA 14
Sticks Navy Nov-21 PA 4
Cherokee Army Nov-21 OH 4
Snuffy Navy Dec-21 FLA 8
Wrongway Air Force Jan-22 GA 7
Boats Navy Mar-22 TN 1
Red Dragon Navy Mar-22 FLA 13
Floki Army Mar-22 VA 10
Raider Army Apr-22 NY 5
Eazy Navy May-22 NJ 1
Chute Air Force Jun-22 VA 1
Dirty Dog Air Force Jun-22 SC 1
Uncle Dave Coast Guard Jun-22 FLA 3
Dirty Dog Air Force Jun-22 SC1
Lucky Jun-22 FLA14
J A JuL-22 WV1
Hump Aug-22 FL16
Doc Aug-22 FL13
Longhorn Sep-22 GA9
Ox Oct-22 FL4
Billy – Dec-22 OH4
Doc – Jan-23 FL6
Bandit Mar-23 FL2
Chief Mar-23 GA9
Hawkeye Apr-29th FLA-1
StoneCold May-19th MS2

(If you see any incorrect or missing information please let us know)